Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday family photo, memorabilia and memories

I don't remember the exact date, maybe 1970. My dishes were new then. I thought I had given them away about 40 years ago, but found one piece this week while rearranging the cupboards to fit my new crock pot (which I think will go to basement storage due to space problems). Enjoying white tea and memories with this little sweetie.   

I think the first time I used these dishes was the visit of my sister-in-law Jeanne with her mom and two daughters, Julie and Joanie, and they got lost in Columbus. (Three weeks ago Joan and husband Dan came for an R & R visit with us.) The three hour trip (from Indianapolis) became five hours.  They finally called us and Bob went to get them so they could follow him to our house. We lived on the northwest side on Abington Rd., and there was another Abington on the northeast side.  Julie immediately jumped in our car and said, "I'm riding with Uncle Bob." Then in browsing our photo album of the 1960s and 1970s, I spotted a photo of a festive reception in our dining room with these dishes and the dining set.

The table and chairs are now one of the most expensive items in our home after 50 years of use.  It's been in the dining room (108 E. White, Champaign, Charles St. in Champaign, Abington Rd. in Columbus, and our condo where we live now), the kitchen, the family room and at our daughter's home for awhile. Mid-century modern is very "hot" right now, and this little Paul McCobb set is popular.  So popular in fact, I can't afford to buy two more chairs if I decide to move the set back to the dining  room.

Photo album from the 1960s and earlier

Thursday, March 23, 2017

4,000 miles

Today I crossed over to 4,000 miles on my Exercycle. Two years and 82 days. Started small--it was Indianapolis (180 miles) to see my sister-in-law Jeanie first. Then to California to see my other sister-in-law Debbie. Along the way I dropped 30 pounds which if found, do not return. Actually, by June, 2015 I'd lost 35 lbs., but maintained that only about a week, so I don't count that five pounds.

 Exercise alone can't do it. It was rice and beans, a lot of salads, limited desserts, giving up cheddar cheese and peanut butter, and also getting on the bike when I wanted chocolate pie. Tonight I'm fixing pumpkin pie--and I'll call it a vegetable, and I'll cut the pieces a little smaller so they won't be 340 calories.

Today I've been watching YouTube travel videos of Glasgow and Edinburgh while I exercise.  It's for our up coming trip to Scotland, the dates of which I haven't exactly nailed down, but we're working on it.  In watching them, it's hard to believe we're all speaking English.
Image result for Glasgow cathedral
Glasgow Cathedral, Scottish Gothic architecture was built between the 13th & 15th centuries

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Praying that God would send help

When God Sends You Help, Don't Ask Questions
 She hurried to the pharmacy to get medication, got back  to her car and found that she had locked her keys inside.

 The woman found an old rusty coat hanger left on  the ground. She looked at it and said,  "I don't know how to use this."

 She bowed her head and asked God to send her some help.

 Within 5 minutes a beat-up old motorcycle pulled  up, driven by a bearded man who was wearing an old  biker skull rag. He got off of his cycle and asked if he could help.

 She said: "Yes, my daughter is sick.  I've locked my keys in my car. I must get home.  Please, can you use this hanger to unlock my  car?"

 He said, "Sure." He walked over to the  car, and in less than a minute, the car door was open. She hugged the  man and through tears, softly said,  "Thank you, God, for sending me such a very  nice man."

 The man heard her little prayer and  replied,  "Lady, I am not a nice man. I just got out of prison yesterday. I was in prison for car theft."

 The woman hugged the man again, sobbing,  "Oh, thank you, God! You even sent me  a professional."

 Is God great or what!?!

HT Rusty.

An eye stroke, retinal artery occlusion

"Eye strokes occur when blockages (occlusions) occur in arteries or veins in the retina, causing vision loss. The severity of vision loss depends on the extent and location of the occlusion(s) and loss of blood flow.
Just as strokes occur in other parts of the body because blood flow is blocked, your eye also may suffer damage when vital structures such as the retina and optic nerve are cut off from nutrients and oxygen flowing through your blood.

Besides having an eye exam to detect signs of an eye occlusion, you'll also need your family doctor or internal medicine physician to evaluate you for high blood pressure, artery disease or heart problems that may be responsible for the blockage."

Our son is now in the process of more testing.  The eye stroke was around noon on Saturday.  It was painless, but profound with no vision in the center of his right eye and small streaks or slits (his words) around the edges. Studies have shown that the retina suffers irreversible injury after only 90 minutes of blood flow loss. He went immediately to the ER, had numerous tests which showed nothing, and was seen by a retina specialist on Sunday.  Despite all attempts to preserve vision, even if seen immediately, most patients suffer severe and permanent visual loss according to the All about Vision web site. We are praying that his case might be that small percentage that doesn't have permanent damage.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Comey's testimony

We learned yesterday that Obama's FBI was investigating Trump as early as July 2016, and maybe before. Are we to assume nothing electronic was used? We know phone conversations were leaked to the press almost before the words were spoken. Comey sticks with the old fashioned word, "wire tapped," as did NYT when it reported on it in January, but we know today's methods go far beyond that. It's called surveillance.  We also learned again yesterday that nothing was found. Now what will Democrats pull for their next impeachment move? None of that could have been done without Obama's approval. This Wired account continues to refer to DNC John Podesta's email as "hacked." As a so-called premier geek source, they should know that phishing isn't hacking.  Anyone could have done this since his password was "password." And all we learned from that was that the DNC was for Hillary and against Bernie--but Donna Brazile has admitted that, too.  Is she a tool of the Russians? The word interfered is continuously used by Democrats, but no one can find anything they have done, no one who changed her vote, and all it has done is make people less secure--which I suppose would be a plus for the Russians even if it is a result of the Democrats' refusal to accept the election results.

 "This story is FAKE NEWS and everyone knows it!” Trump tweeted. “The real story that Congress, the FBI and all others should be looking into is the leaking of Classified information. Must find leaker now!”

Bathroom plumbing tip

Household tip. If you've replaced any plumbing in the last 10 years, you know the score--it's junk. So today we have a plumber here. The first task is rather simple if you know to ask for it when the fixtures are installed. If you don't have children in the house who want to remove sink stoppers and flush them, or use them as missles, have the stoppers unlocked when installed. Your (definitely our) age or the special tool needed to remove them for cleaning may require a call to the plumber. Also, the products purchased at Lowe's or other consumer outlets are not the same as those the contractors buy at their supply house; much cheaper (looks the same in the box) and less likely to hold up. Still, even the so called quality items are plastic.

The big job is removing everything from the bathroom cabinet, so a relatively small adult can lie on the floor between the stool and the sink and get under there.

A prayer to Saint Lucy for healing in the eye

Asking a saint for intercessory prayer isn't any different than asking any other Christian friend, Catholic sources tell me. Our son has a serious eye problem, a stroke in his right eye that may leave him blind. So I'm asking all readers to pray for healing, and Saint Lucy also, the patron saint of the blind and those with sight problems. ("When we pray to the saints we are using the word “pray” meaning “to ask”. This use of the word can be seen in archaic English usage. So in Shakespeare’s plays a character might say, “I pray you good sir, lend me a ducat.” He uses the word “pray” to mean “to ask.” So when we pray to saints we are asking them to pray with us and for us in the same way that we might ask a friend, family member or fellow parishioner to pray for us. Longenecker)  Part 4 of Catechism, Sec. 1, Ch. 2, Art. 3 "Guides for Prayer")


Federal funding for the arts--clubbing the President over the budget

One of the arguments I've heard in favor of keeping the various arts funding programs of the federal government is the wildly successful musical, "Hamilton." You know--the one where the cast lectured the Vice President. Look at all the jobs it has produced!! Look how no ordinary citizen could possibly afford or even get a ticket!! It apparently had a small grant to get off the ground and the rest was history. Who really believes that there were no private investors for this in the shopping around stages? And now we have "Go fund me" type sources--at least for liberal causes. I helped fund the movie about the abortionist, Gosnell. We helped with a funding page for a rare disease. And there are funding opportunities for small business start ups--I get an email about once a week on marvelous innovative products. But what about all the great ideas/performers/artists the government by-passes, or all the horrid things it does fund which the public hates? 

Yesterday Facebook was awash with hashtag  IMLS--Institute of Museum and Library Services.  Since it was only liberals posting it, I figured someone feared Donald Trump was going to do something awful.  All of a sudden libraries and museums are going to collapse because fewer federal dollars are going for studies that no one reads and cushy federal jobs for conferences and workshops? Is that what people think makes libraries and museums work? Look, when Laura Bush (a real librarian) was advocating for libraries and museums, members of the American Library Association were boycotting her appearances. When George W. Bush was reading to school children on 9/11, all manner of paranoid plots blossomed when he took a few minutes not to alarm them. So save your hash tags and support your local bond issues--that's what pays for your library services--we the people.

Then when your public library turns down your request for conservative or Christian titles, you know where to complain.  This is not about money.  The amount the federal government puts into the arts wouldn't build a bomber or drone.  It's about where does the responsibility lie, and who should be in control.

Monday, March 20, 2017

We'll meet again, don't know where, don't known when

Vera Lynn is 100 years old, March 20, 2017.

Advertising that demeans women

Is it sexist, racist, homophobic or just anti-woman to show women in mental confusion in various stages of undress and their underwear having a bad hair day in a wind storm over shoes?  I love Clarks; wonderful shoes with styles that still include Mary Janes of all types, decent athletic shoes, loafers, and sensible heels, even if you have to scroll on by the platforms and tipsy topsy strapsy stuff.  But why make women look like anorexics who just escaped a concentration camp without a hair dryer or make up?

You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

Justice Alito warns Catholics and other Christians about the coming storm. Speaking to a group of Catholic lawyers and judges who promote church social teaching, Alito used his own words from his dissent in the Supreme Court's landmark same-sex marriage case, telling the gathering he had predicted opposition to the decision would be used to "vilify those who disagree, and treat them as bigots."

"In a roughly 45-minute speech that mentioned the Founding Fathers and 19th-century French writer Alexis De Tocqueville as well as Dylan and the 1960s TV sitcom "The Flying Nun," Alito discussed the hostility faced by Catholics in the U.S. over the centuries, and of his own joy as a youth staying up until the wee hours of the morning to witness John F. Kennedy elected the first Roman Catholic president in 1960.
"I felt it had lifted me up from the status of second-class American," he said.

While religious freedom has been recognized in Congress and in the courts, Alito said, attitudes are slower to change. He recounted a Democratic lawmaker who opposed his nomination in 2005 because Alito would make "too many Catholics on the court."

Alito said reactions to Supreme Court decisions such as the Hobby Lobby case, in which a company balked at being required to cover certain forms of contraception in its employee health plan, should spur action.

"We are likely to see pitched battles in courts and Congress, state legislatures and town halls," he said. "But the most important fight is for the hearts and minds of our fellow Americans. It is up to all of us to evangelize our fellow Americans about the issue of religious freedom." "

Justice Scalia on Obergefell (same sex marriage): "Today’s decree says that my Ruler, and the Ruler of 320 million Americans coast-to-coast, is a majority of the nine lawyers on the Supreme Court. The opinion in these cases is the furthest extension in fact—and the furthest extension one can even imagine—of the Court’s claimed power to create “liberties” that the Constitution and its Amendments neglect to mention. This practice of constitutional revision by an unelected committee of nine, always accompanied (as it is today) by extravagant praise of liberty, robs the People of the most important liberty they asserted in the Declaration of Independence and won in the Revolution of 1776: the freedom to govern themselves."

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Earth Charter is alive and well

I first read this Earth Charter in 2008 during the presidential campaign of 2008, and realized it was actually the Democratic platform, and supported both by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  At the core is Pantheism in the spiritual realm, then globalism in the political.  She won the popular vote, however, he won the most primaries, so he became the candidate and the president. Much of this was already well into fruition by 2008, but advanced during the last 8 years of Barack Obama. Discover the Earth Charter. It would have continued if Clinton had been elected in November, but it will still continue, just slightly tamped down.

 President Obama's programs lost the Democrats most of the states and provided the new president with a Republican majority in the House and Senate.  Much of the outrage and horror we see about President Trump is stepping on someone's religious beliefs--the thinly veiled pantheism that was elevated in the last 2 terms. Particularly climate change hype and blurring the lines of biology. The big push in the Earth Charter is the elimination of national interests, which in light of what is going on in populist and national movements in Europe, the U.S. and Asia, may have precipitated this unpopular notion.
1. Earth worship (global warmism/pantheism).
2. Evolution, broadly defined.
3. Socialized medicine.
4. World federalism.
5. Animal rights (animals are seen as our brothers and sisters).
6. Income redistribution among nations and within nations.
7. Eradication of genetically modified crops.
8. Contraception and “reproductive health” (legal abortion); every small and weak creature except the human fetus is protected in the scheme.
9. World-wide “education for sustainability” which includes spiritual education.
10. Debt forgiveness for third-world nations.
11. Adoption of the gay rights agenda, including gay marriage in the churches.
12. Elimination of nuclear weapons and the right to bear arms.
13. Redefining the media so it will support the environmental agenda, not report on it.
14. Setting aside biosphere reserves where no human presence is allowed.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Nothing new for presidents

"Did you know, for example, that before they were presidents, John F. Kennedy and Gerald Ford expressed support for the “America First Committee”? Or that before deportation became a dirty word, President Barack Obama was known as the “deporter-in-chief,” deporting more people than any other president in American history? Or that Harry Truman also had a “Southern White House” in Florida, spending a cumulative six months there during his time in office? Or that Warren G. Harding was denounced for his grammar and spelling, with H. L. Mencken once noting, “He writes the worst English I have ever encountered. . . Even Trump’s accusation that Obama wiretapped him has presidential precedents. As the Washington Post reported, Richard Nixon was convinced that his predecessor, Lyndon Johnson, had bugged his campaign plane in the final days of the 1968 race. [I think I also saw that Hillary Clinton had the WH swept for bugging.] And don’t forget that Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama all replaced U.S. attorneys appointed by their predecessors. . ."
The point is there’s very little Donald Trump has done that hasn’t been done, in some form or another, by others before him."

Site meter stats

Checked my site meter at my blog. 985 hits today. The big hits this week were a cartoon on the Ohio weather and U.S. spending on diabetes. A hit doesn't mean a read.  The words come up in a search. Here's what I get for my free statistics.  Blogger also supplies statistics, and they seem to be completely different.
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  • Hit - When a visitor opens a page on your site, also referred to as a pageload.
  • IP masking - Hides the last part of their IP in the stats.
  • Log - This holds all of your detailed stats. It has a has a finite limit and removes the oldest stats to make room for new stats.
  • Log size - Represents how many detailed stats can be stored. The free log comes with a log size of 500, so it can hold detailed stats for the last 500 hits. To hold more detailed stats you can adjust the log size at this page.
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  • Unique visitor - Represents one visitor to the site.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Anniversary of our first date, 1959, for the St. Pat's Ball at the University of Illinois.  He told me he was going to marry me.  I wore a borrowed dress, red lace (I guess Sally didn't have anything in green) and he wore his grandfather's coat.

My 2017 card from my husband

Remembering Uncle Clare--Friday family photo

In sorting through the basket of Christmas cards and letters this week, I found one from my cousin Sharon who lived in a Chicago suburb when we were children.  She is the daughter of my mother's oldest brother, Leslie.  The letter was dated December 20, 2000. Our parents' brother, Clare, had been killed in WWII in October, 1944. I recall my mother saying he couldn't be a pilot because of a hearing problem, but was trained for photographic mapping.  He was an aerial engineer for the 24th Mapping Squadron of the 8th Photo Group, Reconnaissance (10th Air Force) which served in the China, Burma, India theater. Clare and a pilot in his unit were killed in an explosion when their plane hit a gasoline supply, through the stupidity of his commanding officer who insisted the men go up in a blinding storm. No one else in that unit lost his life and we only found out how Clare died when a great nephew, Steve, attended one of their reunions in the 1990s.
Sharon writes in December 2000: "I just finished gathering Steve's information, pictures, and letters from Clare and sent it off December 7.  I hope it gets there.  I copied the letters from Clare and the photos, just in case.  Leslie (Sharon's father) had at least 40 letters from Clare which I also loved reading.  I had no idea he had been stationed in so many places around the United States.  He was even out in Kingmore, Arizona, for awhile.  I told Steve how we cousins would walk down the hall to "Clare's room" and peek in and see the flag and the purple heart.  He was someone we wished we had known.  Gayle remembered that too. [As did I.]

I have one vivid remembrance of Clare visiting us in Chicago and giving me a stick of Dentyne gum.  I was 6 by then in 1944 and I remembered because of the pungent flavor of the gum.  I thought it was so good.  Then I read in his letters it really did happen and he even took a picture of Richard and me standing by the back door.  The negative had been laying in the letter for 56 years.  He told Leslie they didn't bother developing it because they thought it was too faint and maybe he could have it made up.  When I held it up I could see 2 little kids on it, so I took it in and sure enough it was Richard and I as we were that day with Clare. [I remember Clare visiting our family in Mt. Morris, so it may have been the same trip.]
Leslie wrote Clare in September, 1944, and it must have come back to him [my grandmother also had a letter returned to her that he never received]. It was with Clare's letters.  It must have been so awful. I said to our daughter I wish I could've been more responsive to it all then and she said, "You were just a child."  So I said to Steve if his children don't grasp it all right now, they will someday and your book (Steve was working on a book about Clare's life) will be there for them.

While I was copying pictures for Steve's project, I made up some extra ones for my cousins.  I'll get them off to you in the new year.  These pictures and letters make me feel like I didn't miss out on knowing Clare after all.  We enjoyed visiting with Howard in October and having him help me identify pictures, names and places.  Muriel also was a big help.  We noticed from my old pictures there had been 2 Marmon cars over the years with Charles and Mary (our grandparents). I asked Muriel how they got all that camping equipment in the Marmon for their trips out to Kansas and she said they strapped it to the running board.  Mary would prepare for weeks."  
Sharon mentioned that the camera store had been able to develop the glass plates that came to her from her father's collection of slides, movies, and negatives. He had died in November, 1999 in Arizona when he was 97. In the developed plates below, Clare is in each one, and the lower right has my mother with him. Although Sharon doesn't say, I assume Leslie took the photos since he isn't in any of the photos in the other plates.

Some of the developed glass plates from Leslie's collection sent by Sharon.