Friday, September 30, 2016

Hacked medical records

We are faced with reading 4 pages of "Notice of Data Incident" about my husband's hacked medical records on August 2. Name, address, telephone numbers, email, birthdate, patient ID number, SS number, account information, driver's license/government ID, medical and health insurance information and identifiers and diagnosis and treatment information. That, of course, can be linked to any other databases including the county's (even I can access a floor plan and photo of your house at the auditor's site), donations, organizations we belong to, etc. A perfect profile to be sold on the internet to create a "valid" ID for an illegal or criminal. The advice, since it's like putting toothpaste back in the tube, is to enroll in Equifax so we can receive fraud alerts and identity protection. Big whoop. Why is their information any more secure than the government's or our medical office? The advice is for us to remain "vigilant" and frequently review our credit statements. As if that's the only thing a criminal can do with this information. 

Every medical office in the country was forced by the federal government into these online systems (at a huge cost) and they don't even work well. Our information between practice networks could have moved faster by courier pigeon, and it wasn't even correct. The EMR requirement was a rush job, and a gift to the IT lobbyists with no studies done on whether EMR would reduce costs or save lives.

It also shows us how easy it will be to manipulate the vote in November.

Greed of the Clintons

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When Condoleezza Rice headlined a 2009 fundraising luncheon for the Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach, she collected a $60,000 speaking fee, then donated almost all of it back to the club, according to multiple sources familiar with the club’s finances.

Hillary Clinton collected $200,000 to speak at the same event five years later, but she donated nothing back to the club, which raised less than half as much from Clinton’s appearance as from Rice’s, according to the sources and tax filings.

If you haven't read Ms. Rice's memoir, I recommend it.  It's very inspiring.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Obianuju Ekeocha, founder of Culture of Life Africa

Uju is coming to Columbus next month for several speaking engagements. The neo-colonialism of westerners demands Africans accept our western standards for marriage, contraception, homosexuality and abortion. Why do they need to kill their children in order to get aid for bridges and roads so they bring locally grown food to market? She has also schooled Melinda Gates on her problem of taking with one hand while giving with the other. She says her Ibo language doesn't even have a word for abortion.

Poem for the government agenda

They came for the bakers, but I had nothing to sell, and said so;
they came for the florists, but I had no wedding, and looked other way;
they came for the ladies restroom, but I had a place to go.
they came for the pastor, but I was not in the pew and had nothing to say.

Our precious first amendment is being shredded

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;" The first phrase of the first amendment of our Bill of Rights, ratified Dec. 15, 1791. So speech, press and assembly all rest on this one--freedom of religion without government interference. We take religion so lightly in the 21st century, but our founders didn't. In the European countries from which they and their forefathers came, one's religion depended on the Monarch. When Henry VIII wanted to divorce his wife, the whole country had to become Anglican, and when his daughter Mary took the throne, they became Catholic again. Then Calvin's ideas infected the Anglicans and those people became Puritans resulting in a civil war; Knox influenced Anglicans and they became Congregationalist and eventually they all ended up across the pond so our founders needed to take steps that all had freedom of religion, not just one or whoever was pleasing to a central government.

Hillary Clinton has said publicly a number of times that we must change cultural norms and religious doctrines as they concern sexuality and abortion. But sexual freedom and gender are not in the Bill of Rights, not even the 19th, which specifically applies to women voting; and religion is. There is no criteria for gender identity except feelings; it is not based on biology, science, religion or law. Changes in the meaning of the word sex were made in the back rooms of the federal bureaucracy by Obama's LGBTQ staffers in 2012 (around the same time they convinced him to rule on gay marriage). Americans never had any say in this.

Massachusetts has passed a law taking effect October 1 that restricts churches to having only worship events in their buildings unless they have transgender bathrooms. Violators will be jailed. Think of all the festivals, day care, voter registration, weddings, funerals, debate matches, home schooling events, public concerts, ESL classes, and food pantries that churches now have open to the public that are not worship. Someone needs to sue the state of Massachusetts for violating the First Amendment rights of its citizens.

Large or recently built churches often have a handicap, family, or one stall restroom for which they can slap a sign on the door to meet government sex police standards, but why should they have to, and what about older, smaller buildings?

Dear Mr. Trump

Although the Republican platform is 100% better than the Democrat (which is just awful), there are things about the candidate's position I don't care for. If I could send him an e-mail . . .
I think you're wrong trying to tell American corporations where they can set up business and who they can hire. It is a global economy and investors should be able to choose. The way to bring them home to create more jobs is not to micromanage them. Taxes and unions drove them out--there must be a good way for a smart businessman to figure out an alternative. If Nabisco can make more money in Mexico, you're job is to convince them to stay. You're not running for King, Mr. Trump--we've had one of those for 8 years. 

And during the debates you need to smile more. You're not there to please your supporters. And you need a good barber for a trim. Hillary looked the best I've ever seen her Monday. Don't fall into Hillary's personal attack traps. It just stamps "sucker" on your forehead. She has a very long record of doing the wrong, illegal or immoral thing--just go for the jugular. The insults will get you no independents or undecided.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

United Nations and reparations

We live in an era where there is more sex and labor slavery than there was during the 18th c. Atlantic slave trade--perhaps 30 million.  But a United Nations panel has decided the United States tax payers should pay descendants of African slaves reparations. I didn't find the document where it demands reparations from Arabs. 

Slavery has existed from the beginning of time, but usually as the spoils of war.  However, for 1400 years continuing to the present Arab Muslims have controlled the African slave trade for profit, as well as the European slave trade.  In the 17th-18th c. they paid Africans to capture other Africans and then sold them to Portuguese, Spanish and English slavers who transported them mostly to South America.  Only about 300,000 were brought to North America (according to Prof. Gates of PBS).  Although it is ignored after the hash tags fade, young women are still being sold into sex slavery by Muslims such as Boko Haram and ISIS. 
On May 15, 1986 seven-year old Francis was selling eggs and peanuts near his village in South Sudan when Arab militia stormed the marketplace, slaughtering men and rounding up women and children. Strapped to horses Bok and others were taken to North Sudan and sold into slavery.
For ten years, Bok was a chattel of an Arab master – he slept with animals and endured hard labor, constant beatings, humiliation and forced Islamization. He was given an Arab name and was taunted as “abeed,” a black slave.

Francis Bok, a Sudanese Dinka, escaped from slavery in his home country and is now living in the United States and working with the AASG to abolish modern-day slavery worldwide.  He was 21 years old before he had any education. He now speaks publicly on behalf of all the slaves of the world.  And he is grateful to the United States which took him in.

Meanwhile, there are more legal immigrants from Africa to U.S. in the last 10 years than in the years of slave trade--about 500,000.  So who is going to referee all this in a time when our first black president is a millionaire who is not a descendant of African slaves and black high school students have a higher college enrollment than whites and the descendants of the new immigrants are highly successful?

A tragic shooting in Columbus

A terrible tragedy has happened here in Columbus when a 13 year old black teen was shot by police at night after he'd robbed someone then pulled a gun on police who were investigating the crime. The gun was a bb gun. Go to WalMart and look at some of these look alikes. See if you could tell the difference at night during a struggle. So of course, demonstrators marched and went to the OSU campus demanding jus...tice before the investigation. And the naive students fell right in. 50% of those shot by police in commission of a crime are white. Since no one protests or riots, and media doesn't report it except locally people are uninformed about "justice." They think it is "just us." These are not your grandfather's bb guns or the ones you remember as a kid.

According to the Department of Justice (2011, NCJ 236018) Blacks were disproportionately represented as both homicide victims and offenders. The victimization rate for blacks (27.8 per 100,000) was 6 times higher than the rate for whites (4.5 per 100,000). The offending rate for blacks (34.4 per 100,000) was almost 8 times higher than the rate for whites (4.5 per 100,000). So if whites are 50% of those shot by police, the rate is actually much higher than for blacks since they are less likely to be the offender. But who cares about the facts.
Police are 18.5X more at risk of being killed on duty by a black man than an unarmed black man being killed by police.

This election--a battle for the soul of America

Father Michael Orsi, now on the pastoral team of St. Agnes Church in Naples, Fl said, “For too long, pastors and churches have been bullied into believing that they can say nothing political from the pulpit,” said Orsi. The regulation that is used to silence them “was a piece of spite work” against non-profits that had opposed President Lyndon Johnson, he said. [This happened when he was in the Senate, not the White House.]

“Let me remind you: the Bible is a political document,” the priest said. “The prophets, including John the Baptist, and Jesus, lost their lives because they spoke the truth to power."

“The Constitution is quickly being destroyed,” warned Orsi, and “unless the right choice is made in November, we may not have a court that is fair and balanced in its interpretation of the Constitution.”

“Too many of the pastors—too many, practically all—in Germany refused to speak against national socialism,” continued Orsi. “And look [at] the result: millions of Jews, pastors, priests, homosexuals, gypsies all lost their lives because everyone was afraid. What are you afraid of, a couple of bucks? Your tax-exempt status? What’s that going to do to you? Your churches may be closed anyway, because if a certain party gets elected, this certain party said, if the churches do not agree with our interpretation of women’s reproductive rights, they’ll just have to change their doctrine.”

“If a certain party gets elected, I can assure you what kind of judges are going to be on those appeals courts,” he said. And those judges will be charged with deciding whether the government may force churches and religious institutions to pay for abortion, contraception, and abortifacient drugs, he noted.

Furthermore, “I’m not going to vote for a candidate who decides that we can redefine the meaning of marriage,” proclaimed Orsi. “Our opponents believe once they destroy the family, once they destroy the churches, they can re-create society in their own image and their own likeness. That, my friends, is not just political. That is diabolical. Get it straight, for crying out loud! The devil is in this!”

“We are in a battle for the soul of America,” he said.

“Somehow, [Christians] have come to buy the story that you cannot be political in church,” said Orsi. “Let me tell you right now, oh yes, you can, and oh, yes, you better be. Because you might not have a church to go to if you don’t vote the right way in November.”


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Accomplishments in retirement according to one blogger

I'm retired and I write blogs. Nine blogs. One is about retirement. (I also do other things like volunteer, go out with friends, and travel. For the first 9 years I also painted). I found a really great retirement blog today that I'll return to. Here's something she wrote in 2013.

Things you won’t accomplish in retirement:
Sending out Christmas cards,...
Losing five pounds,
Cleaning out your closets,
Reading a ton of books,
Keeping your house and garden in pristine condition,
Watching less TV,
Mastering a new instrument, language, or other field of study,
Becoming Martha Stewart, or
Saving The World.

I do still send real Christmas cards, and I've lost weight twice, 2006 and 2015. I did clean some closets and repack everything about 8 years ago. Three years into retirement I started pitching all the stuff I didn't throw out when I retired. I did join a book club. No garden and not much house cleaning. Watch more TV. Learned blogging. Received as a gift a lot of Martha Stewart cookbooks--and I do more cooking than I did when I worked, but also go out to eat more. Am saving the world, one baby at a time at PDHC.

Debate analysis

"Clinton tried throughout to be disciplined and on her talking points and her well-rehearsed (and, one presumes, focus group-tested) quips and one-liners. She tried consistently to paint Trump as a dangerous and unstable person, repeating many of the same descriptors used in her ads. Her aggressive debate style likely connected with the college-educated voters and her most dedicated constituency — the mainstream media — to whom she repeatedly appealed both before and during the debate to fact-check her opponent.

Trump was far less scripted and consequently less reliant on statistics, but held to his key points in the three segments of the debate. He was more accessible to the average blue-collar voter, the voting group where he is strongest.

While there were substantive issues addressed, including taxes, cyber-security, race relations and nuclear proliferation, much of the time centered on such topics as Trump’s taxes, President Obama’s birth certificate and Trump’s alleged treatment of women. Clinton clearly had the strategy of trying to provoke Trump with barbs and personal attacks. Her rival generally kept his cool, but he was far from perfect, missing several opportunities to exploit Clinton’s weakness on her emails and her record as secretary of state."

Why we watch debates

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Catholics and Lutherans on Grace

I'm not linking back to this former Lutheran pastor's name until I check with him that it's OK. If it's not, I'll remove the post. He's now a Catholic.
"Catholics and Lutherans both agree grace is undeserved and entirely all God’s doing. How God does it is where the wheels spin off the rails. Catholics held to a”infusion” of grace, Lutherans to an “imputation.” Either way, the same source, God.
Infusion of grace enables sinners to cooperatively “grow” toward God through lives transformed in Christ. Imputation of grace declares you’re never going to be any more righteous than you are at the moment Christ declares you his. Nonetheless, both Catholics and Lutherans hold to the doctrine of sanctification, growth in holiness.
In a sense, Catholics conflate justification and sanctification. For Lutherans, sanctification rises as one gains greater awareness of being justified. Now, for the life of me I can’t tell a whole lot of difference one from the other – justification is through Christ by faith that we may ever become who we are, children of God. But in the rarefied airs of theology-talk, Lutherans accused Roman Catholics of believing that humans can earn salvation, and Roman Catholics accused Lutherans of believing that Christians do not need to have their lives transformed. Neither, examined attentively, is what the other actually taught.

A Waffle House waitress explained it to me when I once – and never since – tried to order grits. Grits are like grace, you know. “Honey, you don’t order grits, they just comes.” Now, does it matter how I eat them when they arrive, mixed with my scrambled eggs, or take them straight from the bowl?""

Monday, September 26, 2016

Will Gennifer Flowers be at the debate--I doubt it

Diane Blair was Hillary Clinton's closest friend and confidant who died in 2000. Her papers, diaries, interviews, memos and notes were released a few years ago, and I think the Main Stream Media ignored them until recently when I saw a glam photo essay in Washington Post of fancy ball gowns, big smiles and happy background music. Ms. Blair's archives included the name Gennifer Flowers, who has recently popped up as a possible invite to the debate. Notice how her aides (including Loretta Lynch) intend to deal with Flowers: expose her as a fraud, liar and possible criminal. A Clintonian knee capping. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?
"The Clinton camp found itself dealing with Bill Clinton’s infidelity early on. In a confidential Feb. 16, 1992, memo entitled “Possible Investigation Needs,” Clinton campaign staff proposed ways to suppress and discredit stories about the then-Arkansas governor’s affairs.

Campaign operatives Loretta Lynch and Nancy McFadden wrote the memo, addressed to campaign manager David Wilhelm.

The first item on the itinerary discussed “GF,” a reference to Gennifer Flowers, the actress and adult model who had recently disclosed her 12-year affair with Bill Clinton.

“Exposing GF: completely as a fraud, liar and possible criminal to stop this story and related stories, prevent future non-related stories and expose press inaction and manipulation,” said the memo.
In 1998 Bill Clinton admitted he had had a sexual relationship with Flowers."(Washington Free Beacon)

Leg pain, two problems, two solutions (I hope)

About two and a half years ago I developed bursitis (inflammation of the bursa) in my right hip. Although it seemed to happen overnight, I recognized it as a pain that I had off and on since childhood. After it seemed to heal in a year, it started in my left hip, probably because so much dependence on it. I did the ice and exercise routine again, but always took a folding cane with me, avoided stairs and any incline if I were walking. Then in June I read several articles on fish oil being an anti-inflammatory, so figuring it couldn't hurt, I tried it. Maybe it's a placebo, but I'll take it and leave the cane at home, because I can now walk miles and even do the stairs in my home without pain (although I would NEVER do stairs for exercise like I used to). No more Advil. Last week I was talking to my daughter about it, and I guess we'd never discussed it. She'd done the same thing, but for auto-immune related problems and she's been able to give up Aleve, and move without pain. She also said her fingernails were strong for the first time in her life, and I looked at mine, and what do you know, mine were too, and I hadn't even noticed.

 Apparently, I have a mild form of peripheral neuropathy--although I haven't really had an exact diagnosis. I have none of the usual indicators--no diabetes, I'm not overweight, and I don't have high blood pressure, kidney disease or thyroid problems. I'm not missing any vitamins, and I'm not an alcoholic. After all the tests and my doctor coming up with nothing, she sent me to a sports doctor (really fancy facility for all the important athletes). I don't recall him saying neuropathy, but I looked up the prescription, gabapentin, and that's what it's used for. I had no relief for 2-3 months, but finally, I can sleep without leg pain waking me up, so I'm crediting gabapentin. There is a side affect I've had to get used to; I feel a little tipsy in the morning, and that goes away by afternoon. In researching this I figure the neuropathy (if that's what it is) may be from falls, which is another underlying cause. I've never broken anything, but I have gone down stairs bumpty bump and fallen off my bike. And of course, my age. It seems a lot of aches and pains come with age.

The debate is tonight, Trump and Clinton

With help from his thirty four Catholic advisers, Donald Trump has identified the following areas which are of special concern:
  • Religious Liberty, 
  • Pro-life, Judicial Nominations, 
  • Education, 
  • Healthcare, 
  • Jobs and Taxation, and 
  • Safety and Security. 
These issues sound the same for most Christians. At least the ones I know. His strong conservative positions in each of these signal areas can be found at his website. 
 "I am and will remain pro-life. Public funding of abortion providers is an insult to people of faith at the least, and is an affront to good government and governance, at best. I will work to support the dignity of human life from conception to natural, dignified death." Contrast this to Clinton's pro-choice stance, where a baby is vulnerable to a violent death at any point during its life in the womb.

 "Catholic education is a shining example of how education can work very well on the local level without the meddling of Washington bureaucrats. I will defend the religious liberty of Catholic schools, private schools, charter schools, and homeschooling families. I will be the biggest cheerleader for school choice programs so we can give every child in America, particularly disadvantaged African American and Hispanic American children trapped in failing government run schools, the best possible educational opportunities. I will end Common Core and will get the federal government out of the public education business."
This morning I watched one of Hillary's "I fight for all children" and "all children should grow up to reach their potential" political ads. It's enough to make you gag if you know her record on abortion, Planned Parenthood, and her very selective concern. Some children are not worthy of the opportunity to reach their potential; many of them are black, disabled, or conceived outside of marriage. 42% of all abortions in New York City are for black women, and abortions outnumber live births for blacks in that city.

As you watch a very scripted and determined Hillary Clinton in the debate tonight, don't forget about her Vice President selection who is even more careless about the jihadi threat than either our president or his running mate. As Hillary met with Netanyahu yesterday her colleague Tim Kaine gives cover for jihadis and may be the most anti-Israel elected official we have.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The evolving narrative

The narrative changes to fit the politics of the racialist pimps. In Ferguson it was a white racist cop and an innocent teen-ager; but then a Department of Justice investigation found nothing criminal and there was no, "hands up don't shoot." Michael Brown had just robbed a minority owned store, and he reached in the policeman's car when being questioned.

Then in Baltimore six police, three of them black, were arrested in the death of Freddie Gray, a black man who died being transported after a struggle; again no evidence to convict and it was clearly a reflexive racial action by Marilyn Mosby, the black female city State's Attorney. The police involved were black, white and one female with a total of about 50 years employment by the city which takes millions every year from the state and federal governments to just stay open and fix poverty. Narrative began to shift--it's not just racism, it's police wanting to kill black people.

Killing the Dallas police is a different story, it was a peaceful protest, and at least some in the Black Lives Matter movement claimed it was justified and in retaliation, but to my knowledge no one has been arrested as the narrative is that police lives don't matter even if protecting blacks from criminal elements.

Then Tulsa and Charlotte. The policeman in Charlotte was black and the one in Tulsa was a woman; so the racist angle was totally destroyed even though Hillary Clinton ran with it, after she urged patience in the NYC bombing until more investigation was finished. Shouting racism is OK; suspecting terrorism is not. 70% of the people arrested during the Charlotte riots are said to have ID from out of state (I haven't checked that figure--just saw a news item). We know the Charlotte conflagration is not grass roots, but who ginned up the hate is not known. It looks suspiciously like a Soros sorry soiree. But now the narrative is changing to it's "pent up rage going back to slavery days and Jim Crow"--and for that WalMart must be looted and Air Jordans stolen. For that another black man who was rioting was killed by another black. Who will put those black families on TV, or doesn't their grief matter?

Meanwhile in the same two year time frame from Michael Brown in August 2014 to Keith Scott in September 2016, statistically we know that twice as many whites were shot by police, most for good cause because they were committing a crime like holding up a small store and fleeing or resisting arrest or grabbing a policeman's gun or something else stupid. And we know from Heather MacDonald's excellent crunching of numbers for her book War on Cops that a police officer has 18.5X the risk of being killed by a black man as an unarmed black has of being killed by police.

 Again, the actual facts do not benefit any black congressman, or president, or attorney general, or Black Lives Matter leader, so the facts will be ignored and more hate will be dumped on police, and more white college students must take mandatory classes on why they are bad people because of their race.

This is Obama's legacy.

Where is the divide between liberal and conservative?

What is the dividing line between liberal and conservative?  Government.  The bigger the better for liberals, smaller and only as much as necessary for conservatives. At least that's in the speeches, both have contributed to our own bloated government. And as in many issues, some go farther to left to extreme statism like the USSR or Nazi Germany, and some farther to the right to libertarianism or anarchy, the absence of government like Haiti with no services, no army, no infrastructure.

It’s not that abortion didn’t happen before 1973 when it was legalized nationally, but now it’s government protected and supported with tax money.  Now it’s in the platform of one major party. Now many churches support it, unthinkable when I was growing up. Now it takes the lives of many blacks, females and disabled, people expendable unless old enough to vote as a block.

There's also a religious divide. 92% of Congress say they are Christians compared to only 73% of American adults.  That probably reflects the average age difference. Conservatives are more likely to be Evangelical Christians than members of Mainline denominations, and see life as sacred, even if born into poverty or difficult circumstances. At the 50% mark, half to the right, and 39% to the left with 11% uncommitted, eight denominations are Evangelical and two are Mainline.  Of the "nones" 26% are Republican, 26% uncommitted, and 49% Democrat. So you can be a liberal in good standing with no religion at all, but might have some push back on that if you are a Conservative. (Pew Research)

It’s not that families didn’t suffer from divorce and children weren’t left with no father before 1964, but now Uncle Sam brings home the bacon and women are told they can do it all--with enough government and no dad at home. Conservatives are more likely to believe that men matter. It is liberals seem to have a war against men, pushing the LGBTQ agenda and advocating for the cis-gender. The income gap is also viewed as a liberal/conservative issue--conservative economics seems aware that it depends on the number of earners in a household, with over twice as many earners in the top income quintile households (1.98) than earners per household in the lowest-income households (0.41). Two is more than 4/10th, but we're in the age of dumbed down math also encouraged more by liberals than conservatives.

It’s not that both liberals and conservatives don’t claim the rights to our constitution.  Liberals want a plastic, expanding and growing constitution. Something modern for times of crisis and dysfunction. Conservatives want the one on which our country was founded. Conservatives are much more likely to quote the founders; liberals think that could be racist since a few owned slaves, and prefer some ideological progeny of Karl Marx or Saul Alinsky. (The great lie.)

Both liberals and conservatives acknowledge we have three branches of government for checks and balances, but liberals want a weak Congress with its power shifted to the Executive or to the Judicial.  Congress, after all, represents the people through the ballot, and they can’t be as easily controlled from a central location like Washington, DC. It’s disorganized and partisan, as it was designed to be. Conservatives press for a stronger Congress, which has the power of the purse, and that‘s just unthinkable in the White House which sees all tax money as its own.  And that’s the case whether a Bush or an Obama is living there.

Liberals want higher taxes to support a stronger central government.  Conservatives claim to want more power residing in the corporate world, with more profit going to investors, not to the government directly, but they want to control politicians through their own lobbyists. Both the left and right, liberals and conservatives, accuse the other of being fat cats, made rich on corporate influence and lobbies. Of the top ten in Congress, eight are Democrats, although in looking over the entire list, no one is poor, and after doing their “public service” both liberals and conservatives enter think tanks, corporate boards and lobbyist groups.  John Boehner, recently one of the most powerful men in Congress, is now representing Big Tobacco interests. Also, I've never heard of the wealthiest Democrat, so perhaps he doesn't show up much. (List of current members of Congress by Wealth)

Friday, September 23, 2016

The bin Laden documents

It turns out Hillary isn't the only one of Obama's inner circle sensitive about hard drives, cell phones, etc. He is, too. It was about a year ago I heard that the Navy seals had captured the bin Laden documents, but with all the other scandals hovering over this administration plus the run up to the primaries, it went from the back burner to under the rug.

As it turns out, there's enough information to fill a small college library, but the Obama administration doesn't want them released because they conflict with the narrative that he had weakened them, they were decimated--the justification for his disastrous pull out that birthed ISIS (aka ISIL). Now they may have to be subpoenaed. 

"There are enough documents to fill a "small college library," [Devin] Nunes (R) wrote -- but only a fraction is public. The letter goes on to describe that documents "came from the information on over 100 thumb drives, hard drives, cell phones, paper files and other documents."