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Billions in education dollars battling for control of our children's minds and future of the country

"On the left you have the Democrat party, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE), Fordham Institute and teachers unions fighting to eliminate the current state charter school system. They weigh in with over $13 million in political contributions, and a ground team of advocacy support for Democrat legislators. Their efforts, according to a press release from the Ohio House and Senate Democratic Caucus, have resulted in “20 bills and dozens of amendments to bring more accountability to Ohio’s charter schools.”

On the right you have charter schools, Bill Lager founder of the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) and White Hat Management, the school founded by Akron’s David Brennan. With Lager providing $220,000 in contributions to Republican legislators this year. Their results are HB 2, which created greater oversight of charter schools and charter school sponsors.

In the middle, the real battle is taking place; this is the battle over a billion dollars. These dollars fund, at half the cost of many urban district schools, approximately one third of students whose families have chosen to send their child to a charter school."
Launched in August 2016, 3rd Rail Politics takes you behind the scenes not only in Ohio's capital city but throughout the rest of the Buckeye state.

Fourth Annual Summer School of Faith, 2016

All Christians, whether or not Catholic, have a wonderful opportunity for instruction in the faith taught by Charles Craigmile, previously president and CEO of Forseva which he sold to Equifax in 2014.and now CEO of Revenova   and philosopher at the Church of St. Mary, Lombard, Illinois.  The first year was the catechism, second was the first 500 years and Fathers of the Church,  third Catholic Social Teachings  and now in 2016 "Christian Apologetics for the 21st Century--Overcoming Modern Barriers to Faith."  It covers secularism with emphasis on Stephen Hawking and his book The Grand Design (2010), which I'm actually watching for the third time, evidence for God in physics and metaphysics, whether religion is inherently dangerous as a basis for society, the proper understanding of the Bible, and the dictatorship of relativism vs. true Christian faith. It's like having a college course taught by a youthful professor with a good sense of humor, but because it's on YouTube you can pause and review what the professor just said. Not only was I in college 50+ years ago, but I had no philosophy or religion in college or high school. Also, since I've been a Lutheran since 1976, I've had no church teaching or history between the letters of Paul and the break with Rome in 1516.

Mr. Craigmile's LinkedIn page: DePaul University, MA, Philosophy, 1987 – 1989; University of St. Thomas, University of St. Thomas, BA, Philosophy, Latin and Greek, 1981 – 1985. He's currently President and Chief Executive Officer at Revenova LLC of Chicago.

Class schedule for 2016
  • Tuesday, June 14: Modern Secularism—The False Opposition of Religion and Science
  • Tuesday, June 21: The Evidence for God in Physics and Metaphysics
  • Tuesday, June 28: Religion, Secularism and Violence in History–The Real Culprits
  • Tuesday, July 5: How to Read the Bible– Help for Secularists and Curious Christians
  • Tuesday, July 12: The Dictatorship of Relativism versus True Christian Freedom
Playlist of first three videos 

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Mrs. Clinton is concerned for children and the disabled--just not in the womb

"At the beginning of the [third] debate, moderator Chris Wallace asked the candidates about gun control, with Hillary faking up a fear for the “toddlers” exposed to gun violence. Moments later, she was defending abortionists, presenting herself as the eternal defender of “Planned Parenthood.” In what passed for a tough question in the debate, Wallace asked her why such support extends to partial-birth abortion. She said that “heartbreaking cases” justify it. Translation: she still supports near-infanticide for disabled unborn children. This from a candidate who plays the moral superior to Trump for having “mocked” a disabled reporter. This from a candidate who says “America is great because America is good.” Later in the debate she said that the government has a responsibility to take care of the unhealthy. Apparently not at the beginning of life. In Hillary’s America, unhealthy babies do not enjoy the same rights as healthy ones. Up to moments before their birth, Hillary sanctions their killing."

Washington Post--You get what you pay for--nothing

For years I've had an on-line subscription to Washington Post, except it isn't. I signed up years ago, and I don't pay for it.  It's about 8-10 articles daily, not the whole paper, and not even what you see if you go directly to the website.  If I really dig or if they throw in some freebies I might get something about music, art, sports or the suburbs. A Google search will often turn up an article in the Post that wasn't part of my "subscription."  Hey, you get what you pay for, and in this case, it's all Hillary, all the time. Either she owns the Post or they own her.

Since Trump won the Republican Primary, it's been running about 8:1, anti-Trump to pro-Clinton. He made a lewd remark (and almost all that stuff has already been proven untrue) and she's taken millions from foreign governments.  Which gets more space?  Trump's behavior, not hers. Trump was booed at that Catholic dinner Thursday night, and so was Mrs. Clinton.  Which got in the news?  Guess. Mr. Trump.  Which candidate had campaign staff saying bad things about Catholics that came out in Podesta's e-mails?  Guess--yup, Mrs. Clinton. Two DNC staffers, one with close ties to Obama, have been fired for trying to disrupt the Trump rallies and illegally register voters.  Did that even get into the Washington Post? Yup.  With really negative information about the guy who filmed them doing illegal things.

It's to the point that when WaPo shows up in my e-mail with the teaser headline, I just delete it because it's like watching a pimp on the street calling in the Johns for his Ho.  It's just sickening.  The bias is  in the op-eds, the news, and the cartoons.  I don't know who owns Washington Post, but they are really fearful that Trump could win.  What would happen?  He could bust up the cozy relationship between the two parties? He could demand some standards for lobbyists?  He just isn't a politician who knows how to play the game. He's using his own fortune, he doesn't have that essential ground crew that goes out and knocks on doors and makes phone calls. I worked a little on the Romney campaign in our community in 2012, and people were putting in their own money, buying space on Facebook.  Not much help from the party for the people who had no connections.  Here in Ohio Trump doesn't have the support of the Republican governor or the Republican Party, so no one can get elected on his coat tails.  It's really made a lot of us rethink what we thought about our "free elections" and "free press."

Abortion Distortion

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Fact checking the President's seven lies about health insurance

First, he's like Mrs. Clinton.  I think her lies are pathological; his are probably just political--wants so badly to have a legacy.  Second, the figure for the uninsured was always incorrect even back in 2009; always a lie, always a myth.  Many "uninsured" people were eligible for Medicaid then and hadn't bothered with the red tape--they just went to the ER. A goodly number were single men with no dependents who weren't working. Now they have even less incentive to work.  Many people didn't want to sign up for employer's health insurance because they were young and didn't want the pay the co-pay (I can remember arguing with my own young adults about this 25 years ago).  Many people chose to just pay their own health costs, or negotiate for it, which actually can be cheaper, especially now.

This is not to say there weren't any Americans without health insurance (which is different than healthcare--by law everyone had that).  Question: why not a program to target them instead of dismantling a system that was working for 80% of the population?  Answer: Because he wanted to control 1/5 of the economy. The end goal is single payer. 

So in his latest  inaccurate speech in Florida about Obamacare, which is failing big time with rising costs, here's the fact check by the Daily Signal.

1.  20,000,000 more people have health insurance.  "Though the uninsured rate has reached a historic low and 20 million Americans now have health insurance, the majority of those who enrolled in coverage under Obamacare qualified for Medicaid. The Affordable Care Act loosened the guidelines for Medicaid eligibility, and since the law was passed in 2009, 31 states and the District of Columbia have expanded the program. 97 percent of the new enrollees, or 8.99 million people, enrolled in Medicaid. And of course, it's the states that have to pick up those costs, and states can not run a deficit the way the federal government does.

2. When a Democrat governor replaced a Republican governor he wanted the money and found he actually saved money with the expanded Medicaid because of fewer ER visits. "Despite the president’s claim, recent findings from a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that expanding Medicaid won’t stop patients from using emergency rooms for primary care."  Oregon did a study in 2008 and found the same thing--use went up--40% increase.

3. Obamacare has not affected the coverage for most Americans. "Though the majority of Americans receive their health insurance coverage through their employers, consumers purchasing plans both on and off the exchange have seen their narrower networks, canceled policies, and increased deductibles and premiums."  President Obama apparently doesn't read social media where people are posting photos of their notices of increase.

4. The Federal government is covering the cost of Medicaid expansion. This is a big duh! It's not Monopoly Money.  It's still our tax money, sir.  And it's only for 3 years and then the silly governors like John Kasich of Ohio who took the carrot rather than have a spine will have to find that money. "An August report from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Office of the Actuary found that the cost of Medicaid expansion for 2015 was $6,366 per person—49 percent higher than past estimates."

5. “Most people today can find a plan for less than $75 a month at the marketplace when you include the tax credits that the government is giving you.”  Face smack.
The government doesn't "give" anything.  It takes. "Of the 17.3 million people who purchase plans sold in the individual market in 2015, 7.3 million received subsidies that lowered the cost of their health insurance. Another 10 million consumers did not qualify for financial assistance. Those consumers, experts say, are going to be hit the hardest by premium increases."

6.  "Although the marketplaces are working well in most of the states, there are some states where there’s still not enough competition between insurers.”  So the President is blaming the insurers for his plan to destroy the health insurance of 80% of Americans (designed by Bob Creamer, the ex-felon recently fired by the DNC for arranging for riots at the Trump rallies). "Choice and competition among insurers has decreased not only as insurers have left the exchanges, but as the nonprofit consumer operated and oriented plans, or co-ops, have failed. The health care law approved the creation of 23 co-ops, which were designed to provide consumers with more choice. However, in three years, 17 co-ops have collapsed."

 7.) “In some states, the premium increases are manageable, 2 percent or 8 percent, some 20 percent. But we know there’s some states that may see premiums go up by 50 percent or more.” Well, sweet. Who wants their premiums to go up by 50%?  Is he not president of those people, too?  Only one state, Vermont, has an increase less than 10%.

Cod with tomatoes would leave me very hungry

I really enjoy receiving "The World's Healthiest Foods" newsletter and find the nutrition charts very interesting (web page is awkward and difficult to navigate).  But today's featured recipe is "Mediterranean Cod with Tomatoes."  One pound of cod serves four, and it has 200 calories.  Really?  That would send me to the frig or pantry very quickly looking for something more satisfying.

I'm a stress eater, and it's been a very stressful time the last two weeks. (Death of our cat.)  I think I've fixed three Marie Callender pies in the last 10 days--cherry with a lattice top, dark chocolate cream, and dutch apple. If you cut the pieces rather small, one piece is about as many calories as two decent size cookies, or a good slab of cheddar cheese, which also help with stress. 

Mediterranean Cod with Tomatoes
Wouldn't you still be hungry?

The most influential Bible in the founding of the United States--The Geneva Bible
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"All but forgotten today, the Geneva Bible was the most widely read and influential English Bible of the 16th and 17th centuries. It was one of the Bibles taken to America on the Mayflower.

Mary I was Queen of England and Ireland from 1553 until her death in 1558. Her executions of Protestants caused her opponents to give her the sobriquet "Bloody Mary." It was her persecution that caused the Marian Exile which drove 800 English scholars to the European continent, where a number of them gathered in Geneva, Switzerland. There a team of scholars led by William Whittingham, and assisted by Miles Coverdale, Christopher Goodman, Anthony Gilby, John Knox, and Thomas Sampson, produced The Geneva Bible, based on Greek and Hebrew manuscripts and a revision of William Tyndale's New Testament, which first appeared in 1526. The Geneva Bible New Testament was published in 1557, with the complete Bible appearing in 1560.

A superb translation, it was the product of the best Protestant scholars of the day and became the Bible of choice for many of the greatest writers and thinkers of that time. Men such as William Shakespeare, John Bunyan, and John Milton used the Geneva Bible in their writings.

The Geneva Bible is unique among all other Bibles. It was the first Bible to use chapters and numbered verses and became the most popular version of its time because of its extensive marginal notes. These notes, written by Reformation leaders including John Calvin and others, were intended to help explain and interpret the Scriptures for the average reader.

With its variety of scriptural study guides and aids—which included cross-reference verse citations, introductions to each book of the Bible, maps, tables, woodcut illustrations, indexes, and other features—the Geneva Bible is regarded as history's first study Bible.

In 2006, Tolle Lege Press released a version of the 1599 Geneva Bible with modern spellings as part of its 1599 Geneva Bible restoration project. The original cross references were retained as well as the study notes by the Protestant Reformation leaders. In addition, the Old English glossary was included in the updated version."

Why then do so many conservative churches only support the King James Version of the Bible (which has been updated and refreshed in modern language many times)? The Geneva version was filled with explanations and notes--it was a study Bible--which questioned the authority of the monarch. You can see why it was so popular with the colonialists who had left England in search of religious freedom.

"Recognizing that the Geneva Bible and its notes were undermining the authority of the monarchy, King James I of England commissioned the "Authorized Version," commonly known as the King James Bible, as its replacement. The King James Version did not include any of the inflammatory footnotes, of course, but it also altered key translations to make them seem more favorable to episcopal and monarchial forms of government.

But the people were not fooled. The Pilgrims and Puritans preferred the Geneva Bible over the King James Bible, not trusting the king's purported good faith. The Geneva Bible was brought over on the Mayflower, and it is not an exaggeration to say that the Geneva translation and footnotes were the biblical foundation for the American Republic. . .

. . . If it is worthwhile to read Shakespeare and Milton, then it is worthwhile to read the Bible that informed the minds of Shakespeare and Milton. If it is worthwhile to preserve our American Republic, then it is worthwhile to draw fresh inspiration from the book that ended the age of kings. . .

. . . The 1599 Geneva Bible -- has "modern typography and spelling. All of the original footnotes are there. The original translation is there. Every word that put fire in the bellies of Reformers and Patriots is included."

 The 1560 Geneva Bible was the first to have Bible chapters divided into numbered verses. The translation is the work of religious leaders exiled from England after the death of King Edward VI in 1553. Almost every chapter has marginal notes to create greater understanding of scripture. The marginal notes often reflected Calvinistic and Protestant reformation influences, not yet accepted by the Church of England. King James I in the late 16th century pronounced the Geneva Bible marginal notes as being: "partial, untrue, seditious, and savouring of dangerous and traitorous conceits." In every copy of each edition the word "breeches" rather than "aprons" was used in Genesis 3:7, which accounts for why the Geneva Bible is sometime called the "Breeches" Bible. The Church of England never authorized or sanctioned the Geneva Bible. However, it was frequently used, without authority, both to read the scripture lessons, and to preach from. It was pre-eminent as a household Bible, and continued so until the middle of the 17th century. The convenient size, cheap price, chapters divided into numbered verses and extensive marginal notes were the cause of it's popularity.

     In 1620 the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth with their Bibles and a conviction derived from those Bibles of establishing a new nation. The Bible was not the King James Version. When James I became king of England in 1603, there were two translations of the Bible in use; the Geneva Bible was the most popular, and the Bishops' Bible was used for reading in churches.
     King James disapproved of the Geneva Bible because of its Calvinistic leanings. He also frowned on what he considered to be seditious marginal notes on key political texts. A marginal note for Exodus 1:9 indicated that the Hebrew midwives were correct in disobeying the Egyptian king's orders, and a note for 2 Chronicles 15:16 said that King Asa should have had his mother executed and not merely deposed for the crime of worshipping an idol. The King James Version of the Bible grew out of the king's distaste for these brief but potent doctrinal commentaries. He considered the marginal notes to be a political threat to his kingdom.
     At a conference at Hampton Court in 1604 with bishops and theologians, the king listened to a suggestion by the Puritan scholar John Reynolds that a new translation of the Bible was needed. Because of his distaste for the Geneva Bible, James was eager for a new translation. "I profess," he said, "I could never yet see a Bible well translated in English; but I think that, of all, that of Geneva is the worst." 
     In addition to being a threat to the king of England, the Geneva Bible was outspokenly anti-Roman Catholic, as one might expect. Rome was still persecuting Protestants in the sixteenth century. Keep in mind that the English translators were exiles from a nation that was returning to the Catholic faith under a queen who was burning Protestants at the stake. The anti-Roman Catholic sentiment is most evident in the Book of Revelation: "The beast that cometh out of the bottomless pit (Rev. 11:7) is the Pope, which hath his power out of hell and cometh thence." In the end, the Geneva Bible was replaced by the King James Version, but not before it helped to settle America.
From American Vision's Biblical Worldview February 1997

Yes, 9 month abortions do happen

Abby Johnson used to work for Planned Parenthood, and she also had two abortions herself.  Now she is a Christian and has a ministry to save other women from her mistakes--both working for abortion or having abortions.  Here's what she says about nine month abortions.

"Yes, late term abortions do take place through the entire third trimester, including through the 9th month of pregnancy. According to the latest data, about 18,000 3rd trimester abortions are performed every year.
These abortions can be performed for the "life or health" of the mother. What this means is that a late term abortion can be provided for any reason, as long as the doctor checks a box on her chart stating it was affecting her "life or health." No documentation of proof is required.

According to several former late term abortion clinic workers who have come through ATTWN, [And Then There Were None] approximately 50% of 3rd trimester abortions are performed on healthy babies. In my own personal experience, we often referred women to late term providers who were pregnant with healthy babies...they wanted the abortion because they had just broken up with the baby's father, or because they lost their job or something similar.

FACTS about late term abortion:

Since the ban on Partial Birth Abortion, abortionists have come up with a different method...believe it or not, a more dangerous method for the woman.

When a woman comes in for a late term abortion, her cervix is dilated through the administration of one of two medications called misoprostol (cytotec) and pitocin and/or laminaria/lamicel insertion. Laminaria are made of sterilized seaweed and look like tiny tampons. Lamicel are similar, but made of a synthetic material. The misoprotol is taken orally prior to surgery and may take several hours to work. Misoprostol is a medication administered to relax the cervix muscle so that the surgeon can dilate it easily. Pitocin is also used sometimes to help with this process and is administered through an I.V.

If laminaria or lamicel is necessary to complete dilation, they must be inserted into the patient’s cervix by the physician prior to the abortion procedure. The laminaria/lamicel act like sponges by absorbing the moisture in the patient’s vagina and expanding to gently open the cervix.

Laminaria/lamicel and misoprostol will be administered on day one. Also, on day one, the physician will also administer a medication called digoxin. This medication will be injected into the amniotic fluid. The fetus will then drink in the digoxin and will overdose in the womb. It can take up to 48 hours for death to occur. During this time, the mother may feel her child struggling to die in her womb.

On day two or three, the physician will perform the surgical abortion after dilation of the cervix is complete—this may take several hours or overnight. The doctor will remove the laminaria (if applicable) insert a speculum into the vagina, and remove the unborn child using vacuum aspiration (suction), forceps and curettes. The surgical procedure takes approximately 10 – 25 minutes. After surgery, the mother is taken into the recovery room, where nurses will monitor her for approximately 45 minutes.

You can find statistics on late term abortion at You can also find a detailed description of late term abortion procedures on various abortion provider websites such as"

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Is man made global warming to blame for glacier melt and retreat?

"In 1908, National Geographic reported that Alaskan glaciers at Glacier Bay retreated eleven feet per day from 1894 to 1907, during the coldest years on record.

USGS reports that Glacier Bay glaciers retreated four feet per day from 1760 to 1907. I annotated the map to show which periods of melting are considered natural by scientists, and which periods are caused by man.
In 1911, it was reported that glaciers in the Alps were disappearing.

In 1932 it was reported that the glaciers of west Antarctica had been rapidly retreating for at least a century."

GRAVE NEWS ABOUT GLACIERS (from May 18, 1911 before my parents were born).
Glaciers are part of the romance of mountains; the very name gives the thrill of the lonely and high and awful even to those who are not quite sure what a glacier may be. There is grave news about glaciers; they are disappearing, it would seem. Swiss peasants who are not yet quite all modernised enough to think toy railways in harmony with the eternal hills, declare that the tourists who go to see the glaciers are the cause of the ruin. Wherever the mountain cars run the glaciers flee.
It's a good thing we visited Alaska in 2001, 250 years after the glaciers were reported retreating.

Oh my goodness--I still wear this sweatshirt!

Sell out, Never Trump Republicans can't stop Clinton's plans

"The notion peddled by some "Never Trump" Republicans that they can keep Hillary from accomplishing what she wants for 4 years, then replace her with someone they prefer, is laughable. The fact that they should know this, and don't, is truly scary. Even more frightening is...perhaps they do. The Republican Congress has done nothing to stop Obama; why should we believe they will do so with Hillary? When they threaten to curb Obama with "the power of the purse," he simply calls their bluff and either bullies them into giving him what he wants, or simply does as he pleases through unconstitutional executive orders. A Republican controlled Congress has done nothing to defund Obamacare, slow down the TRILLIONS of dollars of debt he has accrued, prevent his treasonous acts with Iran, defund Planned Parenthood and their selling of babies' body parts (can you even believe such a thing even exists, and that the Obama’s and Hillary condone it?!), or stop any number of other inappropriate actions and wasteful expenditures. Much of Washington, DC is an out-of-control cancer that must be cut out.

To be sure, there are Republican leaders who desperately want to change things but the entrenched, lobbyist-owned, career politicians–many of them liberals in conservative clothing–have neither the will, backbone, and perhaps not the intellect needed to change it. Radical surgery is necessary. Again, it is laughable to think that the leadership of this weak and diluted Republican Congress would be able or willing to stop the agenda of the libs once they enjoy an even greater momentum from another White House win. Someone please tell me why we should believe that. If the Republican Party has not sold us out, why did they spend $18.2 million on Bush's election in 2004, $53.5 million for McCain in 2008, $42.4 million for Romney in 2012, and $0 on ads to elect Trump?! They have sold us out." (Dutch Sheets, website was unavailable, taken from Facebook post)

The Church of Climate Change—a parody of Christianity

  • The great pagan deity - Gaia
  • The prophet/top bishop- Al Gore
  • The lower ranked priests are from various science groups, not necessarily related to climate or environment
  • Paid clergy have the keys to the kingdom and can translate and publish sacred scripture
  • The liturgy contains sacred words repeated frequently like sustainable, liberal, progressive, consensus, diversity, multicultural, gender and pronoun free; sexist, racist, homophobe, transphobic, bigot
  • The communion elements are organic, all-natural, free-range, local, gluten free with marijuana supplied if requested
  • The chapels and cathedrals built from recycled materials powered by windmills, roofed with solar panels also  contain safe spaces and intersex bathrooms
  • The vast internet sites which it owns publish witch hunts by trolls and tag along followers on Twitter and Facebook to compost the church’s enemies
  • Heretics are identified, chastised and rejected, as "deniers" (or swamp of crazy) who can be condemned to hell or burned at the stake of public opinion if they don’t recant
  • Courts of inquisition bully or imprison scientists and journalists through loss of government grants and access to research funds and peer-reviewed journals, closing down perceived heresies
  • Demons bearing names like fossil fuel, fracking and plastic are cast out or flogged and exorcised 
  • Weekly and monthly stewardship campaigns focus on redistribution, wealth transfer, tax the rich, eliminate the unborn, reduce the birth rate
  • Sack-cloth-and-ashes (all natural, of course) promote the pessimism of impending doom
  • Orthodoxy of revelation by high priests of unrelated social sciences cannot be challenged
  • Ecclesiastical conformity is essential
  • Grace through ritualistic practices like recycling, birth control is offered
  • Earth Day, an annual holy day of reverential worship with time to reflect on Rachel Carson’s non-contributions to humanity is celebrated publicly and promoted in schools
  • The annual church picnic is postponed because of heat, and called climate change. Too cold? It’s also called climate change. Rain? Never happened in the past.
  • Guilt and condemnation of certain lifestyles, especially for white males, are preached and pushed
  • Genuflections to sustainability are required
  • Indulgences called carbon offsets are sold 
  • Mission projects in third world countries fund human sacrifice by withholding DDT for brown and black people and supporting “women’s health” (aka abortion).  

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FLOTUS lies for former FLOTUS

Michelle Obama is stumping today for and lying for Hillary Clinton. She continues to put words in Trump's mouth about the election, even though in 2008 Mrs. Clinton's campaign claimed the Obama group fixed the Iowa votes.

 Michelle Obama gets that quaky shaky voice--very effective unless you just heard it about lewd talk (and she wasn't referring to Jay-Z lyrics that she allows the children to listen to). These people on the left are really, really worried. Race is tightening even with throwing in Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and both Obamas into the mix. 

President Obama's now attacking Senator Rubio. Scared for the Senate. Obama must be terrified that the next president will damage his legacy of destroying our health care. Trump has no help from his party, and no political buddies to campaign for him and only a smidgen of the money compared to Hillary's campaign chest, funded by foreign governments.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Proof that Donald Trump does not assault women--the Billy (Am)Bush scam

Why were the first three questions of the 2nd debate about sex, instead of issues? Because Democrats run the show and they know sex gets people's attention. Look at the video carefully. Evidence exonerates Trump. The "crosstalk" on the bus which the media didn't bother to transcribe, explains it. He's actually talking about how women fawn over celebrities--they always dive in for the kiss. A show of acceptance. This was so clearly a set up by Billy Bush--he did nothing he was accused of--Bush worked very hard to get proof of Trump being gross. I've seen worse "assaults" in the church narthex after the sermon.